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Mindful Mum; The Importance of Joining Your Child’s Wonder

Do we model joy? Do we model a thirst for knowledge? Do we model tranquility? Are we showing our children that life is a wonderful thing to live or an endless round of work and repeat?

Being Mum

A Cheat’s Guide to Feeding Your Toddler

Weaning was one of the most stressful parts of parenthood for me. I'm a pretty good cook but it became apparent fairly early that our mostly paleo diet wasn't going to work with BLW, as an added challenge Alfie hated quinoa, sweet potatoes, wild rice and basically everything else we ate at dinner time.  These… Continue reading A Cheat’s Guide to Feeding Your Toddler

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A First Time Mum’s Guide to Thriving with a Newborn

You Can Thrive I made it through my first year of motherhood andΒ I'd like to think that I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve which will help new parents. Here are 6 things you can do to prepare for the birth of your baby. As a first time Mum I'd heard all… Continue reading A First Time Mum’s Guide to Thriving with a Newborn

Being Mum

An Open Letter of Thanks; It Takes A Village

Alfie is very lucky to have been born into an extended family who  ladies him as much as his parents do.  In honour of Grandparents Day, I've written an open letter of thanks to Alfie's grandparents and my village; a village which surrounds my family and I with love, support and encouragement. Thank You Thank… Continue reading An Open Letter of Thanks; It Takes A Village

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Being a Present Parent

I read parenting books in bed, I listen to podcast on psychology, education and relationships while I drive, I stalk Pinterest and Instagram for the best 'At Home Education' set ups, I ask questions in niche online parenting groups, I observe and reflect on my child's development and try to think of ways to encourage him, I try new recipes to make sure he has a broad palette and a balanced diet. The list quite literally goes on and on...And I'm still not good enough.