Who are Fred and Ted?

Welcome to our Montessori lives!

Fred and Ted are a married couple who live on the top of a very happy hill at the top of a very complicated island. Fred and Ted met during a whirlwind weekend of craic and ceilidhs in 2009 on Ireland’s south coast. Soon afterwards Fred managed to convince Ted to leave her city life behind and join him in the wilderness of Northern Ireland – she’s never regretted it for a second!

In 2011 Fred and Ted got company! Holmes their occasionally psychotic but mostly lovable Labradoodle was welcomed by both with a naivety as short lived as their kitchen curtains. Holmes was joined in 2013 by little brother Claude, another (though exceedingly calmer) Labradoodle. Together these two hatch daring schemes of dinner theft and outrageous escape.

In 2016 Holmes and Claude gained a tiny bald brother, Alfie the human was born! There was much celebrating by parents and pooches alike. Holmes had a much easier target when it came to food acquisition and Claude had gained a seemingly endless supply of socks.

In 2017 Fred, Ted and Company left the ‘edge of nowhere’ and moved to the ‘middle of nowhere’. Once the chickens had arrived, well it was only a matter of time before the donkey wandered up. Ted is currently trying to convince Fred that they need a goat. Fred is fairly sure that for now, they have enough company.