Holidays and Days Out

Snowdrop Walks at The Argory 

This weekend The Argory (along with most of the National Trust) have launched their Snowdrop Festival, we went along for a walk.  Snowdrops at The Argory The Argory is one of my favourite places. It’s beautiful even on the busy days when it’s full of day trippers and tricycles, but on its calm days when… Continue reading Snowdrop Walks at The Argory 

Ted's Take On...

A Lingering Grief

My Daddy died when I was 21. Death is not like it looks in the movies, there is no grace or elegance, there’s no breezy sigh or dramatic halt. Instead it’s counting seconds between breaths and watching screens for neon flickers. And all the while you know what’s coming; that the person you love is… Continue reading A Lingering Grief


My Five Favourite Montessori Appropriate Authors 

Choosing Montessori Appropriate books is a minefield, there's lots of strong opinions about what makes a good children's book and adding Montessori to the mix can be explosive. I've put together this list of Montessori Appropriate Authors to speed up your selections and allow you to make requesting books from your library easier. If you’re… Continue reading My Five Favourite Montessori Appropriate Authors